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In addition to learning why incorporating is vital, you'll also learn about the specific entity types and specifically which entity may be best for your business. Advice from a 30 year veteran CPA is included as well as information about which states offer the lowest income taxes, best asset protection and lowest fees to get set up in. Getting your articles and EIN are also covered here.

With this course you'll learn:

How to build a Business Foundation

Create a Million dollar business plan

Why Operating Agreements are important.


Defining the business you want to create is the starting point, then there's partners, mentors, measuring your market opportunity and figuring out who your dream client is.  Additionally, this course will show you how to lock up your domain, create marketing sites, set up email, dominate online with reviews and branding as well as set up your CRM and payment processing.

With this course you'll learn:

How to build an online foundation for your business.

To purposely create your dream business from the start.

How to set up your tech like site, social media, online presence.


In the US there are 2 different tax systems, one for business owners and one for employees.  Business owners are incentivized to take risks and be compensated with tax benefits for doing so.  

The Tax Assassin module can save business owners up to 15% on their annual taxes, imagine that you make $100,000 and could save 15% a year in taxes, that is $15,000.  Wow!  That's right 15k a year with the right tax set up.  Please get this right, I don't know about you, but I prefer to pay Uncle Sam as little as legally possible.  I believe I can find better uses for that money than he can.  How about you

With this course you'll learn:

How to choose the right tax filing entity to ensure you pay the lowest taxes.

To avoid massive mistakes and issues with payroll and bookkeeping.

How to find the right CPA professional for you.


Most business owners don't know their business has a credit score.  Building your corporate credit is the first step to separating your business and personal liabilities.  If you want to create a more valuable business or land big contracts, then corporate credit is a must. Without corporate credit it is nearly impossible to get an SBA loan.  By learning about the business credit bureaus you will take your business to a place very few business owners ever get to.

In this course you'll learn:

How to access the secret vendors to build corporate credit up to $50k.

The process of separating your business and personal liabilities.

How to manage and track your corporate credit scores.


Most people think that if they just pay their bills on time that their credit score will always be high.  Reality is that 35% of your credit score is actually decided by making on time payments and the other 65% is made up of various other factors.

The secret credit hacks shared in this module will literally save you thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars.  If you paid even half a percent less on your mortgage then that could be worth tens of thousands of more in lower interest savings, so these credit hacks can pay off big time.

In this course you will learn:

 How to use smart debt reduction techniques to save thousands.

How the credit bureaus calculate your score.

The process of building a strong credit asset.


In this overview, we will break down the important segments to be aware of when it comes to estate planning and protecting your assets.  There is a lot of misinformation out there regarding asset protection.

To eliminate the confusion we went directly to an experienced asset protection, estate planning attorney whose made it his life mission to help people plan for their future and protect their wealth, their family and everything that's most important!

 In this course you'll learn:

What the best strategies are to protect your wealth and assets.

How and why to create different trust types.

How to save thousands by proper estate planning for your family.



To create a million dollar business, you need at least one really good front end product.  This product must solve a major problem for your client(s).  Developing a unique product that is not just a commodity, but rather is an offer is also essential to success.  In this module I teach how to create a unique selling proposition in which your product is unique and gives more value to the market place.  With at least one solid product, now you're next step is to create a 2nd and 3rd upsell product that is the logical next step for your client to take in finding the solutions they need and that your products provide for them.

In this course you will learn to:

Create million dollar products.

Create upsell products that increase your profits big time.

Understand The importance of recurring revenue products.


How to find and define your dream client is a step missed by a lot of business owners.  Understanding who your dream client is and what their pain points are is fundamental to creating a product that solves their problems and resolves their concerns.  What are the dreams and values held dear by your client?  Are you taking a stand and attracting the kind of clients you want to work with.  If you try to appeal to everyone, then you will appeal to no one.

How do your offers connect with your clients in terms of the result that your client is looking for?   In today's market you must have online sales funnels, there are some different software providers out there, the bottom line is that you must learn to harness the power of online sales funnels in order to be able to market effectively.

Traditional websites often do not convert traffic into clients, but a tested and tweaked online sales funnel can convert at a high enough rate with analytics to back up your results and show that you can literally spend $1 and make $2 to $3 or more.  When you can understand exactly what your cost to acquire a client or customer is, then you have yourself a business that is ready to scale and grow!

 In this course you will learn:

How to create beautiful online sales funnels that convert.

The proven techniques to market online including social media platforms.

The powerful Dream 100 concept to 10x your business with little spend.


We generally do not learn a lot about sales in college or school which is just crazy, because the most successful business icons are almost always great sales people.  Think of Steve Jobs on the stage selling the latest Iphone model or revealing the Ipad and soon you begin to realize how vital sales skills are.

The sooner you can become a dominant seller, the sooner you can grow your business.  You have to sell clients, employees, strategic partners and so many different people in order to grow your business.  

People buy on emotion and justify with logic, so most often you will want to ask questions that deal with the emotions of the buyer.  For example, most people buy a product to increase their status one way or another and then justify their purchase with logic backed by the benefits of the product.

 In this course you'll learn:

To sell in business and in life and get what you want.

How to ask the right questions to know what matters to your buyer.

How to sell in a webinar or even from stage.


Developing systems and processes will allow you to automate and scale your business efficiently.  You need to have a well thought out and developed sales process, referral program process, product fulfillment process and marketing system.  Systems and processes should be connected up to client relationship management tools (CRM's) in order to allow you the ability to create and monitor reports and key performance indicators to allow you to grow your business.

In this course you'll learn:

How to run your business like a seasoned CEO.

What reports matter and how to create & read them.

Why your business should have marketing, sales & fulfillment connected.


As the leader of your business it's up to you to define the vision and mission of your business. If your business fails to define its values and core beliefs then your entire organization will suffer and never achieve greatness.  Establishing your values will let clients know what you stand for which is non negotiable to excel at business in today's value driven market.  Learning what to look for in new hires, creating a culture and cutting out cancers in your business are all requirements to build a 7 figures empire.  Above all, nothing matters if your business model is not profitable, so implement what you learn about business models.

In this course, you will learn:

How to lead like and define the vision & mission of your business.

What values and employees that you need/want in your business.

How to evaluate your business model and ensure profitable margins!


There are some amazing entrepreneurs who run transformative businesses, but who also fail to build wealth because they lack the knowledge and keys to investing success. Too often we are told that we should diversify our investments, which on the surface makes sense, but the truly successful live by the mantra ,"put all your eggs in one basket and watch it like a Hawk"!  Begin by learning about real estate, air bnb units, the stock market, forex and crypto and you have a basis for investing your money.  Investing into a business that you own and control is often the best investment, but at some point your cash is just sititng in the bank and needs to be put to work somewhere.  Learning to become an investor is a key to maintaining and growing wealth.

In this module you'll learn:

How to manage the risks associated with different investments.

How real estate, air bnb, stocks, forex and crypto markets function.

What investment types you are most comfortable with and how to manage your money.


Every entrepreneur needs access to funding in order to build their dream business.  Having helped thousands of entrepreneurs to secure funding, there is a formula that can work for each individual.  Understanding the 3 funding keys which are credit, business financials and monthly income will lead to business funding success.  Whether you need 0% business credit cards, lines of credit, 6 figure term loans or a combination of funding, this module will reveal the best funding options for your business at every major growth stage.

In this course you'll learn:

How to secure funding at 0% interest and skyrocket your business.

Why interest rates are not as important as ROL (Return on Loan/lines)

How to ensure that you get the best funding possible.


7 Figures Mastermind is a private and exclusive entrepreneur group on Facebook that is available to all 7 Figures U students.  In the group we act as a "mastermind," and solve problems together as a group.  The 7 Figures team will upload business tips and personal development hacks and each Tuesday we will have a live video session where we present an entrepreneurial book review, dig deeper in 7 Figures curriculum and answer questions.

With this course you'll learn:

From the best entrepreneurial books without having to read them

7 Figures Secrets from Leo & team and other entrepreneurs

The answers to in depth questions from 7 Figures U


Something special can happen for you at entrepreneurial events.  Sometimes, it's just being around the positive energy and vibes that entrepreneurs in general put out.  The mastermind effect can be incredibly potent when you can share your ideas and more importantly learn from other great business owners.  Inspirational events can change the entire direction of our lives and the lives of those we love.  Learning what events to invest in and what to look for are key.  The 7 Figures team will be creating annual events to provide instruction, guidance, and specific steps to take in order to create your 7 Figures Dream Business.


There are 2 systems that exist in the world, the first is for employees who trade their time and freedom for a paycheck and the second is for those bold individuals who call themselves entrepreneurs. Until now, there has never been one place to unlock the secrets of building a 7 figures empire. 7 Figures U is the place for life changing entrepreneurial education.


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